French MP Meyer Habib
French MP Meyer Habib Reuters

French MP Meyer Habib today appealed to the French Prime Minister on the question about "combating anti-Semitism" in general and the late Sarah Halimi affair in particular.

Halimi was murdered in 2017 after she was attacked by her Muslim neighbor while she was sleeping in her apartment. He stabbed her, yelled "Allahu Akbar," and then threw her from the third story to her death.

Among other things, Habib sought to promote legal reform if the French Supreme Court did not accept the appeal: "Need I mention that twelve French Jews have been murdered since 2003 for being Jews? Among them Sarah Halimi, who was severely tortured and thrown out of her home window as the killer screamed 'Allahu Akbar'. The same killer, who was without psychiatric record, was recognized last December 19 by the Court as 'not responsible for his actions'. Cause: Delusional cannabis use! It's insane!

"It's a legal scandal. Sarah Halimi deserves justice! If the appeal does not pass, the injustice towards Sarah Halimi will be proof that France has given up on anti-Semitism.

"Mr. Prime Minister, it is not your authority to make a court decision, but if a legal interpretation violates the law itself, we must amend the law. That's our job. Are you going to promote criminal justice reform so that such outrage and injustice never repeat themselves?"

MP Habib is expected to join French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Israel to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

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