Hamas Gaza terrorist
Hamas Gaza terroristצילום: Flash 90

Hamas responded to data released by the Shin Bet on counterterror activity against Palestinian Arab terror in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and places responsibility for the "failure" on the Palestinian Authority.

Shin Bet Chief Nadav Argaman said Monday that in 2019, the security system thwarted more than 560 significant attacks, including 10 suicide bombings, 4 kidnapping attacks and over 300 shooting attacks.

Abed al-Latif al-Kanua, a Hamas spokesman, said that the thwarting of the attacks by Israel is a result of security coordination with the Palestinian Authority.

The data released by the Shin Bet proves, Hamas claims, “the depth of cooperation between Israel and the PA” and the latter’s role in the service of "Occupation security.”

According to Kanua, in its actions, the Palestinian Authority contradicts the PLO Central Council's decisions and the position of the Palestinian Arab public, which opposes the security cooperation with Israel.