Alan Dershowitz, September 2019
Alan Dershowitz, September 2019REUTERS

Efforts by congressional Democrats to remove President Trump from office via impeachment are likely to boomerang on them, harming the party’s prospects in November, veteran jurist Alan Dershowitz argued, adding that the case against Trump is based entirely on allegations of non-criminal behavior.

Last week, Dershowitz, a life-long Democrat, joined President Trump’s legal defense team for the impeachment trial, following months of criticism of congressional Democrats’ plans to impeach the president.

Speaking with Galei Tzahal’s Efi Triger on the “Good Morning Israel” show in an interview aired Tuesday morning, Dershowitz discussed his own efforts to assist the president’s legal defense team, and compared the articles of impeachment against Trump to the criminal indictments filed against Prime Minister Netanyahu last year.

What will your role be in the President’s defense team?

“My role is limited to be a constitutional expert. I will evaluate the text of the Constitution, the history, and will argue strongly that the two articles of impeachment on their face do not constitute impeachable offenses under the constitution.”

Is the President worried about the likely results of the impeachment?

“I’ve had only a handful of conversations with the President, and mostly about the Middle East peace process. My limited conversations with him since the impeachment suggest that he is confident. I think he has confidence in his legal team, and he has confidence in the rightness of his cause.”

Are there any similarities between the effort to impeach Trump and the bid to remove Netanyahu with criminal allegations?

“President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are both facing criticism for matters that are not criminal. I do not think that Prime Minister Netanyahu has committed any crime. I don’t think that it can be considered a crime to seek better media coverage, or less worse media coverage. So I’m very strongly opposed to the indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

How will Trump’s impeachment influence the 2020 presidential election?

“I think it has been a mistake for the Democrats to impeach the President. I think probably it will bolster his support, particularly if and when he is acquitted by the Senate. I think that’s what happened when President Clinton was impeached. I think these matters sometimes backfire, especially when the other side doesn’t have evidence that would justify the impeachment, as they don’t in this case.”