Benny Gantz
Benny GantzElad Malka

Blue and White chairman MK Benny Gantz will on Tuesday tour the Megilot Regional Council, located near the western shores of the Dead Sea. The tour will be led by the head of the municipality, Aryeh Cohen.

Former Defense Minister MK Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon, and Knesset members Yoaz Hendel, Orna Barbivay and Alon Schuster will also participate in the tour.

Gantz is expected to address Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's promise to apply sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and the Northern Dead Sea.

On Monday, Blue and White had to deal with a statement by MK Yael German, who claimed that the party supports the uprooting of Jews from their homes on the basis of the Disengagement plan from Gaza.

In an interview with Army Radio, German was asked whether Blue and White would support sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and replied, "We are not talking about annexation of the Jordan Valley, I do not know where this came from. We are talking about some kind of arrangement that is based on the Disengagement. It is explicitly written in our platform. Maybe anyone can find what they want."

Following criticism of her comments from the right, German explained that she meant a "separation" plan rather than a "disengagement" plan, as she put it.

"In the case of the Jordan Valley, our platform says 'the Jordan Valley will be Israel's eastern security border', as well as 'we will initiate a regional conference with the Arab states ... and deepen the separation process from the Palestinians.'”

"And to all those who are celebrating over the sensitive word, disengagement, calm down, I meant to say separation. Separation rather than disengagement," German said in a statement of clarification.