Snow in Jerusalem
Snow in JerusalemFlash 90

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon instructed the Municipality to prepare for the winter weather and possibility of snow in the capital and to prepare for various scenarios and hazards.

The Mayor called on residents to be attentive to the weather forecast, to prepare accordingly, and to heed the emergency and safety guidelines. "If it snows in the city, along with the white celebration, it's important to apply all the rules for the safety of your home and neighbors."

According to the updated forecast by the Jerusalem Municipality, the coming days are expected to be wintry and cold, temperatures will be low and some precipitation will fall. There is even a slight chance of light snow in Jerusalem.

The Urban Emergency Headquarters completed preparations for inclement weather and recommends residents stay safe, prepare for the weather, and heed guidelines.

The residents of the capital are advised to check the soundness of heating systems, especially those requiring ventilation, to ensure roof sealing and openings (windows and shutters), to clean and open water drainage cells in the courtyards and gutters on the roofs. In addition, prune trees and branches in private gardens close to cables, check electrical system safety, equip emergency lighting, reinforce antennas, solar water heaters, and other roof objects.

There is also a concern about road hazards and pedestrian lanes near work sites and low flood areas.

The Municipality points out that the municipal hotline 106 is prepared to respond to public inquiries and to direct municipal authorities to deal with hazards.

The Community-Social Welfare Administration conducts patrols to locate street children and offer them evacuation to shelters. If they do not want to be evacuated, the social workers provide them with blankets and warm clothing.

The Municipality also said, "Emergency and rescue officials are prepared to deal with emergencies. The municipal emergency response operation will be determined according to the weather forecast and disseminated in the media."