Rimmel with the Shaare Zedek Medical Center medical team
Rimmel with the Shaare Zedek Medical Center medical teamHezki Baruch

Ephraim Rimmel, who lost his wife Tzipi Rimmel and baby daughter Noam in a car accident on route 443 in December, visited the Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Monday and met with the medical team that treated him after the fatal accident.

Rimmel, who sustained serious injuries in the accident, was hospitalized for a prolonged period while the medical team battled simultaneously for the life of his son, Itai, who is suffering from a head injury.

Rimmel stated at the reunion, "I am here to express my gratitude but the saga has just begun. My son is still here...and the trial has not even opened." Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Director-General Ofer Marin, responded: "This is a very moving moment for all of us. Considering the complexity within the whirlwind of this tragedy, this is not yet a point at which we can put things behind us. Your son is in serious condition here and yet you radiate positivity. You arrived here in grave condition in the midst of a horrendous family tragedy, but you never flagged and always showed strength. I take this opportunity to thank the entire hospital staff."

Rimmel described how moved he was when he found out about the funds raised for his family. "When I woke up two weeks after the accident, I was told that a fundraiser had been arranged and several tens of thousands of shekels had been raised. When I received the link I was amazed to discover that millions of shekels had been donated."

Rimmel addressed the issue of the punishment that should be meted out to the driver who caused the fatal accident: "This plague of road accidents must be put to a stop. I am not talking about the murderer who perpetrated the accident. No punishment can restore my health or my son's, nor can it bring back my wife and daughter. Even if he is given a 200 year sentence."

Rimmel also discussed the condition of his son, Itai, who is still hospitalized: "We need all your prayers and hope for positive developments."