Houthi insurgents
Houthi insurgents Reuters

More than 100 people were killed and dozens wounded in Saturday’s missile and drone attack blamed on Houthi rebels in central Yemen, officials said Sunday, according to AFP.

Saturday's strike follows months of relative calm in the war between the Iran-backed Houthis and Yemen's internationally recognized government, which is supported by a Saudi-led military coalition.

The Houthis attacked a mosque in a military camp in the central province of Marib, about 170 kilometers (105 miles) east of the capital Sanaa during evening prayers, military sources told AFP.

"We strongly condemn the terrorist attack on a mosque by the Houthi militias... which left more than 100 dead and dozens injured," the Yemeni foreign ministry said on Twitter.

An army spokesman said that the dead included soldiers and civilians, and that the Houthis would face a "ruthless" retaliation to the strike.

The Houthis did not make any immediate claim of responsibility.

A Saudi-led military coalition intervened in Yemen on March 26, 2015 to try to restore the government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi after the Houthis and their allies took over large parts of the country, including the capital Sanaa.

It has long been believed that Iran is planning to use the Houthis to take over Yemen and seize the key strategic port of Aden, which controls the entrance to the Red Sea and ultimately to the Israeli resort city of Eilat.

Iran denies it is backing the Houthis and has also denied Saudi Arabian accusations that Tehran provided the Houthi rebels in Yemen with ballistic capabilities.