Islamic Jihad, Gaza
Islamic Jihad, Gaza Flash 90

The majority of young Israelis and Palestinian Authority residents believe the Israeli-Arab "will never end", according to a survey published Thursday by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Sixty-five percent of Israeli millennials surveyed and 52 percent of their Palestinian Authority counterparts said they expected the conflict to continue in perpetuity, the ICRC said in a statement.

It said they were the most pessimistic of a series of war-affected populations surveyed in a global poll of more than 16,000 people aged between 20 and 35.

The global poll found more than half feared there would be a nuclear attack in the next decade.

"In general, the results indicate that millennials are nervous about the future, and heightened tensions in the Middle East are likely to deepen these fears," the ICRC said in a statement.