IDF and Border Police officers arrived on Wednesday morning at the "Kumi Ori" outpost near Yitzhar, for the evacuation and demolition of two residential buildings.

Residents began protesting the evacuation. There are no reports of arrests at this point.

The community of Yitzhar responded to the move, saying, "The secretariat of the community condemns the destruction of the homes of the families, and demands that security forces refrain from opening a cycle of violence."

A security official told the residents ahead of the demolition of the homes in the outpost: "Any attempt to harm the security forces who are carrying out their work under the law for the evacuation and demolition of the illegal outpost will be met with zero tolerance and determination on the part of the fighters. Residents must show responsibility and not be drawn to provocation and violence."

Last October, the IDF declared Kumi Ori a closed military zone after rocks were thrown from it towards a soldier, lightly wounding him.

Last week, the Supreme Court rejected a petition demanding the cancellation of demolition orders against the buildings in the outpost.