Prison (stock image)
Prison (stock image)צילום: אייסטוק

A guard from the Israel Prison Service was arrested Monday morning and taken in for questioning by the police department’s Lahav 433 special anti-corruption team, on suspicion he helped smuggle cell phones to terrorists jailed in an Israeli prison.

The terrorists in question are affiliated with Fatah, including some who are service lengthy sentences at Ramon prison for involvement in attacks on Israelis.

The case was first uncovered by the Israel Prison Service, which referred the matter to the police, which is conducting the investigation in conjunction with the southern district prosecutor’s office and the IPS.

Authorities suspect that the officer in question used his position to smuggle cell phones in to jailed security prisoners.

Given the suspicions and the information collected by the IPS, the officer who was allegedly involved was arrested on suspicion of smuggling in contraband into a prison, aiding a terrorist organization, prohibited involvement between a guard and prisoners, bribery, fraud, conspiracy to commit a crime, and breach of trust.”

In addition to the corrections officer, a number of other suspects wanted in the case were arrested.