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Serious scenarios were presented to the Cabinet ministers for the day after a decision that may be made in the Hague Tribunal to investigate Israelis. One of the scenarios is the release of arrest warrants against Israelis suspected by the International Criminal Court of acts contrary to international law, Yisrael Hayom reported.

According to the report, the professionals emphasized that the risks are immediate, because the opening of the investigation - a step that may occur within 90 days - will have very serious implications for Israel.

The scenarios presented by the professionals pertained to any senior Israeli official who was involved in the construction of homes for Jews in eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Such officials may be in danger of arrest and not know it.

The newspaper noted that this means that Israeli officials who visit the tribunal's member states may be arrested by the authorities there and extradited to the Hague Tribunal, even without knowing that an arrest warrant has been issued against them. These include the heads of state, IDF commanders, officers and soldiers who fought during or after Operation Protective Edge, and those who participated in curbing riots initiated by the Hamas terrorist organization initiated by the Gaza border fence.

It should be noted that apart from the US and Russia, the vast majority of the world's most important countries are members of the tribunal, including all Western European, Canadian, Australian, Latin American and most African countries.

The ministers were also presented with different ways of dealing with the various threats.