Bennett, Peretz
Bennett, Peretz Flash 90

This morning (Thursday), New Right Chairman Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, at his home in Ra'anana met with the Chairman of the Jewish Home, Rabbi Rafi Peretz.

It was reported the two discussed the possibilities of building a Right list that would run in the upcoming elections. As such, it is expected the list will be in a similar format to the United Right list from the last election.

However, the meeting probably ended without a mutual agreement between the parties. The negations between the lists on the Right are expected to continue in the upcoming days.

Last night, Minister Bennett and the Minister of Transport Betzalel Smotrich met to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the upcoming elections. However, this meeting also ended without a mutual agreement.

The deadline for submitting a list to the 23rd Knesset is less than a week away. As of yet, excluding the agreement between Rabbi Peretz and Ben-Gvir, there are no other agreements that have been signed.