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Jonathan Pollak Ad Kan

Jonathan Pollak, who was arrested Monday over his failure to attend hearings relating to a criminal complaint filed against him by Ad Kan in 2018, was brought before a judge yesterday (Tuesday) at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. Pollak refused to abide by the conditions of his release, including paying bail, and so will remain in custody. Judge Eliezer Bialin set another hearing for tomorrow.

Prior to his arrest, Pollak published an op-ed in Haaretz where he explained that he refuses to cooperate with the Israeli Courts since he views them as illegitimate. At the end of the article, he called for others to join the Palestinian Arab cause and violate the law while calling for violence. He said “We must cross lines and violate the law. We must join the children throwing stones and firebombs. We must follow in their footsteps.”

As a result, the Ad Kan Organization filed an additional complaint against Pollak for participating in and leading at least 18 events where IDF soldiers and border police officers were injured due to Arab rioting. Pollak also took part in the riots and was filmed setting tires on fire, standing at the head of the protest, and getting into the heart of the action.

Ad Kan investigators wrote a complete and detailed report which serves as the basis for the complaint against Pollak for regularly participating in riots. The report also contains pictures and videos documenting his involvement.

For example, a few weeks ago, Ad Kan photographers caught Pollak participating in a riot in Kadum where he was seen helping set fire to tires, standing among individuals with their faces covered, and throwing stones. Several IDF soldiers were injured at the protest due to rocks thrown by the rioters.

During another riot, Pollak was again seen among the rioters while rolling tires in Kadum. On Nov. 29th, 2019, Pollak was filmed carrying tires and later observed hiding among rock throwers.

During a riot in Urif on Nov. 22nd, 2019, Pollak was seen just a few meters away from border police officers and soldiers where rioters were pushing the soldiers and police. In the end, the police were forced to break up the riot using gas and stun grenades.

On July 19th, 2019, Pollak participated in a riot in Kadum together with PA Minister for Settlements and Fences Walid Assaf. Pollak was seen carrying tires and arranging them to be set on fire by rioters.

The complaint filed by Ad Kan is based on 18 separate incidents similar to those listed above, in which Pollak participated.

Gilad Ach, Direct of Ad Kan, said “For 15 years, Anarchists Against the Wall, headed by Jonathan Pollak, has led riots and attacks by Palestinians against IDF soldiers. They have been exempted from prosecution based on a distorted view of ‘freedom of speech,’ while in practice their actions have injured dozens of IDF soldiers.

This week, a long injustice was rectified when the leader of the anarchists, Jonathan Pollak, was arrested due to a criminal complaint filed by soldiers who were attacked and injured. Ad Kan has assisted the soldiers and will continue to do so throughout this process. We hope that going forward the authorities will stand behind IDF soldiers who defend us all and stop anarchists from continuing to attack them.”

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