Missiles in Tehran
Missiles in Tehran Reuters

Iran's response to the targeted assassination of one of the Revolutionary Guard Corps' top generals by US forces last week will likely be measured, and won't include attacks on Israel, Israeli defense officials believe.

According to sources in Israel's defense establishment, despite public declarations by senior Iranian officials that both the US and Israel will be targeted, Tehran will most likely limit its military response to the assassination of Qassem Soleimani last Thursday, and will probably not attempt any attacks on Israeli targets.

The defense officials also pointed to the fact that no American soldiers were killed or injured by missile fire Tuesday night, making it easier for U.S. President Trump not to respond to the missile launches at his bases. Security system routine continues as usual, and there are no changes in guidelines to civilians. The targets of the Iranian attack, Iraqi bases at Ain al-Assad and Irbil where some American forces are stationed, suffered some damage, though no American casualties are believed to have been inflicted.

Some 5,000 US soldiers are currently deployed to Iraq.

At the same time, the Cabinet will convene today to continue its discussion of understandings with the Hamas Islamic organization in Gaza, a discussion that began last week but was postponed due to the fact that Soleimani's departure commandeered the agenda at its last meeting on Monday.

"We're monitoring what's going on but there's no change with us and everything's routine," said a security official.

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