Cross-continent scam?
Cross-continent scam?Flash 90

Did Israeli businessmen fall victim to a huge scam in the United States?

According to reports which reached Arutz Sheva, New York law enforcement agencies and major media networks are investigating complaints and reports that Hasidic Jews in the US defrauded Israeli investors by causing them to "invest" in a fake real estate deal in the US.

The victims claim that millions of dollars were fraudulently stolen from the victims of the scam through the false deal.

According to a source who spoke to Arutz Sheva, the suspicion is that a well-known Jew mediated between local con men and businessmen in Israel and was even involved in the details of the alleged "deal", contractually and financially.

One of the victims of the scam noted that an Israeli factor cooperated with the perpetrators and assisted in the success of the fraud.

It is believed that all those involved benefited from the assistance they provided to the execution of the scam.

Arutz Sheva learned that the businessmen who claim to have been defrauded have already initiated a criminal and civil trial and, among other things, have already involved the attorney general of the state of New York in the case.

One of the factors involved said that large media outlets are also working on a comprehensive investigation into the case.

The victims claim that the same businessmen have previously been involved in another affair on suspicion of fraud by them and an Israeli company, and some were even detained for extended periods - an investigation that led to charges against the owners and executives of the company by the tax authority.

According to the source, the Israeli businessman suspected of being involved in the current affair was arrested and questioned in the past in a major fraud case involving a real estate deal in Israel, along with another businessman - an investigation that is still ongoing.