Mobileye is developing two sensing systems for autonomous vehicles: one with surround-view cameras alone, and the other with radars and lidars.

In this unedited demonstration of the camera-only technology, Mobileye’s car is seen navigating a complex driving environment rich with pedestrians, unguarded intersections, delivery vehicles, and more.

Critics of autonomous vehicle technology such as the Human Driving Association (HDA) say there is still little evidence that self-driving cars are safer than humans. "We don't know what 'safe' or 'safer' means. There is no government regulation defining a safety standard, nor has any self-driving car maker declared what that standard might be."

The HDA cautions of a future in which, "for safety reasons", human driving is illegalized. To forestall this scenario, the group advocates laws requiring auto manufacturers to include a steering wheel in every vehicle; it also argues that every future car should be fully drivable under hundred-per-cent human control.

Thing of the past?
Thing of the past?iStock