Short range missiles map Mark Langfan

This map shows the range of Israeli targets of short range missiles fired from Gaza and Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) in a reality where a Palestinian state is established.

Many people believe the West Bank is a small piece of territory along the west bank of the Jordan River. This map, first and foremost, debunks this myth. By demarcating the West Bank, the map portrays its immense size, and shows its position right in the center of the Israel. It is important to note that giving away this huge tract of territory would mean carving out 2/3 of the width of the country.

The dotted green area on the map is the Greater Tel-Aviv region, which comprises 70% of Israel's population. This region consists of flat, sea level coastal plains at the foot of the West Bank mountain range - an easy target to shoot down on. The red arrows show the range of short range Katyusha missiles fired from Gaza and the West Bank.

At the bottom-left of the map, one can see that Gaza is primarily surrounded by farmland, so the short range missiles hit sparsely populated areas. In contrast, firing from the West Bank would mean endangering Israel's most densely populated cities, as well as its airport. This scenario can be likened to firing a mortar from Brooklyn into Manhattan.

Short range missiles are very easy to develop and smuggle since they are so small - unlike long range missiles, which are the size of a truck, short range missiles can be carried in suitcases and private cars. A Palestinian state in the West Bank would not have the means or motivation to prevent this smuggling in the same way that Israel currently does via blockades and checkpoints. This would easily give Palestinians the ability to reach Israel's most densely populated areas with rocket attacks.

Eastern Theatre map
Eastern Theatre mapMark Langfan

This map shows the likely scenario of a quick dissipation of stability in the Middle East should a Palestinian state be created in Gaza and the West Bank. Without the Golan Heights, the West Bank mountain range, and Gaza, Israel would become geographically indefensible, and be in grave danger of being occupied by Egypt and Syria. Should that occur, Jordan would lose the protection of Israel as its geographical buffer and could be easily overtaken by Hezbollah, Egypt, Syria, and Iran. With Egypt, Syria, and Iran then on Saudi Arabia's border, they could encroach on and occupy it for its oil supply. Without access to the Suez Canal, the U.S. would be unable to defend Saudi Arabia.

The "Western Theatre" Map Mark Langfan

A strong Israel can prevent the Muslim world from conquering Cyprus and moving from there into Europe. This map shows a reality in which a Palestinian state is created, rendering Israel weak and defenseless from short range Katyusha rockets (see Katyusha map and Eastern Theatre map). Without a strong Israel to serve as a buffer for Europe, Cyprus could easily be invaded by Turkey and Iran, putting them at Europe's doorsteps.

Video explaining Katyusha map

Video explaining Eastern Theatre map

Video explaining Western Theatre map