Avi Nissenkorn
Avi NissenkornYonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Avi Nissenkorn, who leads the Knesset's Blue and White party and chairs the Knesset's Arrangements Committee, spoke Monday with 103 FM Radio regarding the efforts to form a committee which will discuss Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's request for parliamentary immunity.

"It is necessary," he said. "There is a majority in the Arrangements Committee and a majority in the full Knesset, and you cannot forget that Netanyahu requested immunity from the current Knesset, so it should discuss the issue."

"He can't say, 'I'm asking the current Knesset, but I request to pass it to the next Knesset.'"

According to Nissenkorn, the discussion will begin in another week. "We can finish it before the elections," he added.

"Anyone who isn't looking at the fact that we are slowly deteriorating to a non-democratic direction doesn't have eyes in his head. If Netanyahu has 61 [MKs] in the next Knesset, he will pass the French Law and limit the power of the Supreme Court, and reduce even more the Israeli parliament's power. We see this happening in front of our eyes, every day. We need to stop this destruction of the systems."

The "French Law" would prevent a sitting prime minister from being indicted. Such a law would not benefit Netanyahu personally, since Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has already announced Netanyahu's indictment.