For years now, Arab terrorists have been attacking settlers in Judea and Samaria on a daily basis.

These attacks include hurling rocks and fire bombs at moving vehicles, setting explosive charges, vehicle ramming attacks and more.

Some of these attacks have proven fatal. The terrorists would like them all to be so.

Yet, all these attempted murders are silenced by mainstream media.

By contrast, every anti-Palestinian text scribbled on a wall by Jews gets immediate international exposure.
This is how the perception of "innocent" Arabs attacked by "violent" Jews is created.

One of Boomerang's missions is to correct this distorted view. This is why we document each of the daily attacks against Jews in our weekly report.

In our annual summary of 2019 Boomerang includes 2370 attacks by Palestinians against Jews.
This data is based on reports from seven municipalities in Judea and Samaria, which run emergency first response centers to assist civilians injured in such attacks.