Rabbi Rafi Peretz
Rabbi Rafi Peretz WZO

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz addressed a conference held by the World Zionist Organization of Rabbis and leaders of the Diaspora Jewish community on Monday.

During his speech, Rabbi Peretz addressed the stabbing at a Monsey synagogue over the weekend.

"When I heard about the stabbing in New York, I was shocked. Jews who hold Hanukkah candle lighting while at a local rabbi's community party are brutally attacked. It's just awful. These images touch every Jew everywhere. These cases remind us of our long and bloody history. We must not remain indifferent to these cases and we are committed to helping protect and safeguard Jewish communities abroad," said Rabbi Peretz.

"Just this week, we heard the Israeli ambassador to France say there has been a 74% increase in violence against Jews over the past year. There is a dramatic increase in violence against Jews around the world, you all feel it in your daily life. We have come to an absurd situation that in 2020, a Jew cannot go around with a kippah around the world! And even the Star of David is hidden today. This is an unacceptable reality. This is true for Europe and as we saw last weekend is also true for the US.

"The close relationship between the Diaspora Jews and the Jews of the State of Israel is an important and significant element in the strength of the State of Israel. We have a duty to educate the future generation for collective responsibility, solidarity and understanding that the fate of the Jewish people is found and depends on its unity."