Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier canceled his statement to the media and instead sent a video to the media, referring to the Supreme Court legal debate on the possibility of his forming the next government despite the indictments against him.

"Some are trying to drag the Supreme Court into the political field to thwart my candidacy for prime minister.

"I don't imagine that the Supreme Court of Israel will fall into this trap. In a democracy the one who decides who will lead the people is only the people and not anyone else. That has always been and always will be," Netanyahu said.

Before that, the Blue and White Party announced that it was preparing for the PM's request to grant him immunity from the indictments against him. MK Avi Nissenkorn announced that the Knesset Arrangements Committee will convene on Wednesday to discuss establishing a Knesset Committee.

The aim of the move is to bring about the establishment of the committee in such a way that it will hold discussions on the issue of immunity even before the next elections.

Labor-Gesher Chairman MK Amir Peretz said "It isn't Netanyahu who needs immunity. The middle class and young couples need immunity, a million children living below the poverty line need immunity from his heartless policies, the elderly who choose between food and medicine are in need of immunity.

"The entire Israeli society needs immunity from Netanyahu. Instead, a man with indictments struggles to protect himself from justice at all costs. Labor-Gesher will oppose this ploy."

ראש הממשלה נתניהו: ביהמ"ש לא יפול למלכודת נגד רצון העם דוברות הליכוד