Dagan inaugurates sign
Dagan inaugurates sign Roi Hadi

Amsterdam, New York, the Chinese Wall, and now Samaria. Starting today, those crossing Tapuach Junction will encounter a huge sign, one of the largest in the world, about 12 meters long and over 2.5 meters high with the inscription I LOVE SHOMRON.

This is part of activities by the Samaria Regional Council to promote increased international tourism and as education for the international tourist.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan inaugurated the sign before hundreds of drivers who stopped at the intersection and applauded.

"We made a significant step today in the Samaria tourism revolution; it's another step in transforming Samaria into a global tourism power - we're on the way to millions of tourists in Samaria. Tapuah Junction is the gateway to Samaria, the south, and the east and is one of the central strategic junctions in the State of Israel, with much tourist movement to tourist sites. In addition, the intersection has the Trans-Samaria Highway 5 reaching Route 90 to the Jordan Valley and also the Fathers' Highway Route 60, connecting to Tapuach Junction," Dagan said.

He added, "The sign that is similar to those in major cities in the world is a symbol of Samaria's centrality and importance in the State of Israel. The heart of the country that dominates the entire State of Israel and the entire coastal plain from its height, is where a significant portion of the Bible stories happened deserves a presentation just as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Paris. We invite the general public to come, walk, enjoy, and of course take pictures."

The huge display was created by the Creator Workshop for Signage company at the invitation of the Samaria Regional Council.

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