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MK Kathrin Shitrit (Likud) submitted an angry post to Facebook today following the loud verbal confronntation that broke out earlier in the Finance Committee between her and Joint Arab List MK Ahmed Tibi.

"Gantz's designated minister, Ahmed Tibi, already feels he is the boss," Shitrit opened her furious post, in which she linked the incident to the entire political situation.

"Have a synopsis of today's events at the Finance Committee: After MK Ahmed Tibi called Regavim's Director Meir Deutsch a plethora of ​​affectionate names like 'scum of the human race', 'filth', and 'garbage', I asked him to speak respectfully," she said.

"In response, Tibi cursed in Arabic (which I understood very well). I reminded him (sometimes he forgets) that we live in a Jewish state with a majority of Hebrew-speaking Jews and demanded that he speak Hebrew, so that everyone would understand and know how the darling of the Israeli media talks. In response, the acclaimed Doctor cursed me and called me garbage.

"Now you understand, I have no expectations that the media will attack him, or that women's and human rights organizations will condemn the sewage that emerged from the assassin Yasser Arafat's advisor. I just want you to remember well: These are Blue and White's partners," Shitrit added.

"Ahmed Tibi is going to be minister in another three months if Benny Gantz wins the election," the Knesset Member warned.

"The Israeli government is going to have a hateful chauvinist who in his free time, visits and encourages terrorists who murdered Jews. And as you can see, he already feels himself boss," she signed.

"אל תדבר אליי בערבית" "תסתמי את הפה"ערוץ כנסת