Tibi, Shitrit
Tibi, ShitritArutz Sheva and Flash 90

A fierce and unusual confrontation broke out in a Finance Committee hearing today about Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi's request to freeze the Kaminitz Law.

The Kaminitz Law is the term for the amendments to the Planning and Building Law in 2017, which was formulated following extensive administrative work by a staff headed by Deputy Attorney General (Civil), Adv. Erez Kaminitz.

Kaminitz proposed a series of legislative amendments to enable more effective enforcement of planning and construction laws. The amendments provide important administrative tools and enforcement powers against illegal construction.

MK Kathrin Shitrit (Likud) called on MK Tibi: "You support terrorists; 'martyrs', you support. Don't talk to me in Arabic. I grew up in Lod. You support shaheedim. Why does he address me in Arabic?"

Tibi replied: "Shut your mouth. Who are you to tell me not to speak in Arabic you piece of garbage."

The background to the turbulent debate was allegations by Arab Knesset Members that Likud members in the committee sought to discriminate between the Arab sector and the Jewish sector.

At the conclusion of the hearing, MK Moti Yogev charged: "This whole debate is the result of extortion by MK Ahmed Tibi, who exploits everything that happens in the State of Israel to discredit it and compare it to an apartheid state, perhaps like the government where he grew up."

"אל תדבר אליי בערבית" "תסתמי את הפה"ערוץ כנסת