Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who attended a Likud event in Tel Aviv for the lighting of the eighth Hanukkah candle on Sunday night, said he would announce his decision about asking for parliamentary immunity within two days.

"What do Lapid and Gantz have to offer?" Netanyahu said. "Nothing, zero. The only thing that unites these three strange parties, that bloc, is one slogan: 'Anyone but Bibi.' All day they drive you crazy in front of the teleprompter - immunity, immunity."

"I'll announce my decision within two days. But one thing is clear - immunity is not in conflict with democracy but is a cornerstone of democracy."

"In any event, there's one type of immunity that I'm requesting already now - immunity from the futile campaigning of Gantz, Lapid and their friends. I don't have time for this. I'm working for you and for our state."

Netanyahu also addressed the Supreme Court discussion on whether he can be granted the mandate to form a government while facing indictments, which is expected to be held on Tuesday.

"Only the electorate chooses who will lead it," Netanyahu stressed. "The people choose their representatives in a democracy. The law explicitly declares this and there is no place for the Supreme Court's interference in the issue."

Netanyahu also commented on Blue and White, saying, "I have to tell you something - I've flown frequently for years but I don't think that I've seen a cockpit with four pilots. I speak with Benny [Gantz], he speaks with Yair [Lapid], who speaks with Gabi [Ashkenazi] who goes to Bogie [Ya'alon]. It already gives me a headache - I took an Advil."