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Rabbi Tuly Weisz, founder and CEO of the media company Israel365, joined Colel Chabad for a unique vote on Jerusalem's needy residents' favorite doughnuts. Colel Chabad provided the doughnuts for free and asked each "customer" to pick their favorite.

The "customers" were given the choice of plain doughnuts, jelly doughnuts and "fancy" doughnuts with colorful and flavorful toppings. Many seemed overwhelmed by the fancy doughnuts lovingly presented to them by Rabbi Tuly since people in need usually just accept what they're given, without being able to choose what they really want. But the appreciation for the fancy doughnuts can be seen on their faces.

The voting activity was a way to enhance the experience of the guests of the Jerusalem soup kitchen but also a way to convey to Arutz Sheva readers an important message about Colel Chabad's activity.

Colel Chabad aims to do more than just provide the basic needs of those who need assistance and just like none of the customers chose a plain or jelly doughnut over the fancy doughnuts, Colel Chabad aims to assist people in a way that they feel loved and cherished and worthy of making their own choices.

Colel Chabad provides full nutritious meals for thousands of needy and ill people across Israel every day but goes the extra mile to provide fancy doughnuts on Hanukah to put a smile on people's faces. And on a family holiday like Hannukah, the organization goes the extra mile to bring a smile to chronically ill children.

For less than a price of a doughnut, you can join Colel Chabad's mission to provide for Israel's needy and sickly and provide food and assistance for those who need it the most. And as the last day of Chanukah approaches, you still have the opportunity to help the most forgotten children – the boys and girls languishing in Israeli hospitals.

Help Colel Chabad bring some light into the lives of children who spend their days in hospitals and institutions. Some are chronically ill, some are disabled and others are mentally ill but all of them spend their days and nights in sterile settings instead of enjoying the warmth of a family atmosphere in a private home.

There's a full range of options to help out, from $36 to give one chronically ill child a menorah, candles, dreidel, and a very special Hannukah gift, $54 to buy a very special Hannukah gift for an older mentally ill child living in an Israeli institution, and $90 to provide all the special Hannukah refreshments for an entire children's ward in an Israeli hospital.

A gift of $180 will provide nightgowns or pajamas to 20 hospitalized or institutionalized children, $360 will sponsor all the menorahs, candles and dreidels for 20 hospitalized children, $600 will buy special Hannukah refreshments and dreidels for all the children in a children's home and $900 will provide a complete Hannukah party including dreidels, menorahs, candles and gifts for 30 ill children.

A generous donation of $1,800 will provide beautiful dolls, train sets or electronic games to brighten the lives of 72 hospitalized children but any amount you choose will bring joy and love to these special children.

Colel Chabad is Israel's oldest tzedaka (charity) organization and has been assisting Israel's poor and chronically ill with food, medical services, housing, clothing and social services for hundreds of years.

Colel Chabad operates 75 programs throughout Israel, including soup kitchens, 21 free restaurants for the elderly and handicapped, monthly food deliveries for the poor, rehab centers, weddings for orphaned bride and grooms, assistance for Holocaust survivors and an orphan intervention program which provides a full range of services for orphaned children.

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