The sexton of the Monsey, New York, synagogue attacked Saturday night told of the drama which unfolded at the home of a local rabbi.

At least five people were injured in the attack.

Yosef Eliyahu, who fought with the attacker, on Sunday morning told Kan Reshet Bet Radio about the attack.

"A man came into the rabbi's home immediately after the candle-lighting ceremony," Eliyahu recalled. "He walked into the dining room, where the candle-lighting ceremony had been, and started stabbing people. I took the rabbi's grandchildren and walked outside with them."

The stabber's face was covered, he added. "Only his eyes and forehead were exposed."

"He was tall and looked like a black person. I threw a large table on him and he told me, 'Be careful, I'm going to catch you.' I pushed everyone outside, and I began yelling and ran to the synagogue."

According to Eliyahu, the stabber began walking towards the nearby synagogue, but when he understood that the doors were locked, he escaped the scene.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered the hate crimes department to investigate the stabbing.