Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Reuters

The Knesset's Diplomatic-Security Cabinet will discuss deducting the money that the Palestinian Authority (PA) transfers from its budget to fund terror.

According to the "Pay to Slay" law, at the end of each year the Defense Minister will present the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet with a detailed report showing the total sum of money paid by the PA to terrorists and their families over the course of the year. The next year, 1/12 of the sum will be deducted monthly from the total tax funds transferred by Israel to the PA.

Until now, Israel has only deducted the salaries transferred to PA prisoners jailed in Israel, PA prisoners who were freed, and their families. This sum amounted to 500 million NIS ($144,578,030) in 2018.

On Sunday, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (New Right) will request the Cabinet approve the deduction of 149 million NIS ($43,084,253) transferred to the families of terrorist "martyrs" and terrorists who were injured while carrying out terror attacks against Jews in 2018. This report, compiled by the Defense Ministry's National Council for Fighting Terror Economically in coordination with Shabak (Israel Security Agency), the IDF, Israel Police, and the Israel Prison Service.

The new sum will be added to the previous sum, for a total annual deduction of approximately 650 million NIS ($187,951,439). After the Cabinet approves the additional sum, it will be deducted from the taxes Israel transfers to the PA and frozen.

Last week, Bennett signed an order approving the seizure of terrorists' salaries directly from their bank accounts and those of their relatives.