Rabbi Aryeh Stern
Rabbi Aryeh SternFlash 90

MK Matan Kahane (New Right) today sent a letter to Justice Minister Amir Ohana and Religious Affairs Minister Yitzhak Vaknin, asking the two to immediately extend the tenure of Jerusalem's Chief Rabbi who turned 75.

"Rabbi Aryeh Stern has served as Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the City of Jerusalem as of October 2014, carrying with him the diligence, spiritual and material leadership of the city, who sanctifies the Name of Heaven and is beloved by the entire city," Kahane wrote to ministers.

He added that "Rabbi Stern was elected as a representative of religious Zionism but serves as Jerusalem Chief Rabbi in all of its variety and communities. I write this on behalf of the general public, but mainly for religious Zionism: Harming the dignity of its rabbis is not something that can pass silently. In fact, I believe that every moment that Rabbi Stern's tenure is not extended constitutes serious injury to the dignity of the Torah, the dignity of the public, and their Rabbi's dignity.

"Therefore, I appeal to you to issue a directive to extend his tenure as soon as possible, and the sooner the better," concludes Kahane's letter.

To read the full letter in the original Hebrew, click here.

MK Kahane said: "The Religious Affair's Minister's conduct on the issue of extending Rabbi Stern's term badly smells of political considerations that have no place in the religious services of the State of Israel. I hope the Religious Affairs Minister will come to his senses and confirm continuing Rabbi Stern's tenure as the Ashkenazi Rabbi of the City of Jerusalem. In the current political reality, there is no room for abusive conduct that extends the rift and division between the various sectors."