Devorah Gonen next to memorial
Devorah Gonen next to memorial David Hochberg

The memorial built by Danny Gonen's family, near Danny Spring, has been vandalized again, having been renovated several times.

Deborah Gonen, Danny's mother, said in a Facebook post how she found out about the destruction yesterday.

"On the eve of the second Chanukah candle, I invited all the children to light. I was getting ready for them to come. Meanwhile, I receive a phone call from one of the security coordinators from the Talmon Bloc area. He was among those who renovated the monument the last time. I was told the monument was demolished again," Gonen wrote.

"'I was sure they'd no longer be able to destroy it,' he told me. 'We worked hard there last time, we built everything from stones.'

"I asked then to put cameras. I wanted them to find the destroyers. I wanted them to punish the vandals. If you don't want to punish vandals, you won't punish murderers. This is the reality, that there's no desire to govern."