the potato menorah
the potato menorah Sim Shain

Hatzalah volunteers who came to the aid of an elderly woman in the city of Lakewood New Jersey Monday evening encountered an unusual sight on their way out of the home

Hatzalah paramedi Sim Shain described the memorable scene.

"Tonight I was on a Hatzolah call in Lakewood. As we wheeled the patient out of the house, we stopped with the stretcher for a minute for her husband to light the menorah".

"When we asked what that extra [potato] light was, he mentioned that in addition to lighting the menorah, he lights a wick in a potato to commemorate the menorah he used while hiding and running from the Nazis Y"S. We asked him to give a brocha to all of the Hatzolah members."

The potato near the 'regular' Hanukkah menorah
The potato near the 'regular' Hanukkah menorah Sim Shain