Republican Representative Crenshaw
Republican Representative CrenshawReuters

Texas U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw sent a Hanukkah greeting on his Twitter account recognizing the miracles wrought for the Jewish People in the past but pledging them steadfast loyalty in the present and future.

"Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish family and friends all around the world!" Crenshaw wrote. "During this season, we remember when a Jewish army of Maccabees fought against seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat the strongest army of the time — completely on their own.

"But the Jewish people are not on their own today. Together we celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah by lighting the Menorah. Together we are united against the evil of anti-semitism. We must stand united because the scourge of anti-semitism has not ended.

"We see it in the form of the BDS movement on college campuses and the hate of the alt-right — who have confronted me directly on multiple occasions because I support the Jewish community.

"We see it in violence against the Jewish people in the places we should expect it least: in Europe and America. Today and every day, we must never let this evil go unchallenged."