JWed makes kinyan on DosiDate
JWed makes kinyan on DosiDateiStock

The online Jewish dating site JWed acquired DosiDate, its Israeli sister-site, expanding its membership to more Israelis living in Israel and around the world.

Catering to a diverse Jewish audience, JWed is geared toward Jewish singles seeking committed relationships. The site started in 2001 as Frumster, an Orthodox dating website, changed management in 2003, and was renamed JWed in 2012 when it expanded to the broader Jewish community.

DosiDate, founded in 1997, was the original and popular Israeli-version sister-site to Frumster, but was not included in the management change and eventual re-branding to JWed. With the acquisition of DosiDate, former members of DosiDate are now able to login or register at JWed.

“We are so excited to bring DosiDate back into family, under JWed management, for the very first time ever,” JWed CEO Ben Rabizadeh said. "The acquisition of the DosiDate brand demonstrates our commitment to bringing the worldwide Jewish community together and facilitating marriages between Israeli Jews and American Jews.”

JWed's platform caters to singles inside and outside the Orthodox world, connecting like-minded Jewish people from diverse cultures, religious observance, ages, and interest.

JWed serves Jewish singles around the globe by employing a “location graph,” allowing users to specify where they were born, grew up, often visit, want to live, as well as their vacation plans. This feature enables members to appear in multiple location searches, facilitating more possible matches, including with singles living in Israel. The site also asks users to note whether they plan on or are open to aliyah, or moving to Israel.

Since its founding JWed has brought more than 3,400 Jewish singles in marriage. This past summer, JWed celebrated its 3,300th marriage by hosting a contest for couples who met on its site, giving the winning couple two free tickets to Israel.

In 2019, 21 married couples who met on JWed included at least one person from Israel, and 19% of JWed’s 10,000 active members live in Israel.