Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, released a video Monday following the hearing in the Labor Court on the lawsuit filed by a former worker at the Prime Minister's Residence.

"I have now returned from a really delusional debate. I have spent two years of state money on the nonsense and lies of workers in the Prime Minister's Residence, who receive hugs and encouragement from the media," said the prime minister's wife.

"That's the niche that opened to me over 24 years ago. Anyone who finds himself out of work knows he can squeeze out of the State, get a hug from the media and become a reality star."

Sara Netanyahu added, "They want to extort the state and be published on my account. I really appreciate all the people who came to the court to support me, but also those who did not come."

Netanyahu said at the beginning of the court discussion: "There is a saga here that opens up some sort of narrative of facts and therapists against me. The easiest thing to do when you are not working is to sue Sara Netanyahu. I am afraid of every employee. I don't know what he will say. "I said a crooked goodbye. That's what we call 'ongoing stress."