Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

More than 150 residents of Kedumim in Samaria have approached the Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and asked for his intervention to curb the riots carried out each weekend by the residents of neighboring Kafr Kadum.

Last month, the residents approached Prime Minister Netanyahu, who was then Minister of Defense, and asked for his intervention and the intervention of the Central Command's Chief of Staff Nadav Padan in stopping the riots that are detrimental to the routine of life. However, Netanyahu has since resigned as defense minister and appointed Bennett in his place.

The residents wrote to Defense Minister, "We, the residents of Kedum, have experienced almost a decade of rioting on the part of Kedum. We are strengthening the security forces, the military and the police, and ask that they take unequivocal action to curb these riots which are supported and funded by radical leftist organizations, endanger soldiers and those who live in many neighborhoods in Kedum, polluting the air with tire smoke and tear gas and damaging the quality of life. When will the IDF win in Samaria? Enough of the riots, and enough of this containment."

Rabbi Aviad Gadot, a resident of Kedumim told Arutz Sheva: "We are confident that Minister Bennett, who has well demonstrated that he deeply understands the problems that have befallen the security system in recent decades, will manage to overcome the riots of the Kadum Arabs and to win."

"Legalization and poor morals are obstructing the army. From our conversations with the brigade commander it became clear that radical leftist organizations are funding and agitating the Arabs in the village, and the system has the names of these activists. The army is waiting for the order," Rabbi Gadot added.