Miri Regev
Miri RegevFlash 90

Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) today said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu prevented far-reaching changes in the justice system in an attempt to maintain its independence.

"The Prime Minister guarded the judiciary from many people's desires, including mine and my colleagues, including the Overrule Clause, and including far-reaching changes within the Justice Ministry," said Regev on Galei Tzahal.

The Overrule Clause would under specified conditions have allowed the Knesset to re-enact laws that the Supreme Court has ruled out. Last year, the Jewish Home Party warned that Prime Minister Netanyahu intended to defuse its enactment.

Regev continued: "He wanted to maintain and achieve the independence of the justice system and so he didn't want to intervene. We thought differently from him and in the end he was the one who led the position."

Regev added: "All those who sell illusions - Netanyahu's done everything to maintain the independence of the justice system and we, all citizens of the State of Israel, are seeing what's happening today in the State Prosecutor's Office and the police. We're all troubled by what we've seen in the last seven months with all the leaks that were and all the threatened witnesses."

Speaking to Yishai Shnerb the Culture Minister attacked Gideon Sa'ar: "Instead of dealing with issues between Right and Left, we're discussing the goings-on in the Likud because of infighting. It isn't betrayal, but it is subversion."

Regev said regarding the third election in March and the possibility that the Right will win, "there are four who just won't turn out to vote. Once they do, we'll bring in 61 seats."