Zmora Hezki Baruch

Ofer Military Court today held a hearing for punishment in the trial of Hamza Alfilat, who stabbed Nirit Zmora at Gush Etzion Intersection about four years ago.

Zmora told Arutz Sheva, "Today we reached the arguments for punishment stage after the appeal. I'm going to ask that the terrorist get the punishment he deserves.

"I hope with G-d's help there will be as few such cases as possible," Zmora added.

In the attack Zmora, an area resident, was seriously wounded in the back. The Muslim ran to her with a knife and stabbed her in the parking lot while shouting "Allahu Akbar".

"It's impossible to say that I came here at the height of my strength and energy. It really required thought whether to approach the procedure again and to be present, but in the end it was very important to me."

"מקווה שיהיו כמה שפחות מקרים כאלה" חזקי ברוך