Michal and Avinoam alongside Rehovot Mayor Rahamim Malul and Amitai Cohen
Michal and Avinoam alongside Rehovot Mayor Rahamim Malul and Amitai Cohen No credit

The Salomon family, which lost three of its members in the massacre that took place in Neve Tzuf in July of 2017, on Monday evening celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of Avinoam, the son of Elad Salomon, who was murdered in the attack alongside his father Yossi and his sister Chaya.

Elad is survived by his wife Michal and their five children, the oldest of whom, Avinoam, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in the presence of family and friends.

“I was especially excited this evening to celebrate with Michal Salomon the Bar Mitzvah of Avinoam, her eldest son. Michal is a lioness who saved her children. Mazal Tov to the Salomon family,” said Rehovot City Councilor Amitai Cohen, who attended the Bar Mitzvah celebration along with Rehovot Mayor Rahamim Malul.

"Tonight I had the privilege of participating in the joy of a special family from Rehovot, on the occasion of the Bar Mitzvah of Avinoam Salomon, the son of heroes: Elad of blessed memory who protected his family in the Neve Tzuf-Halamish terror attack and sadly was murdered, and the mother Michal who saved all her young children," said Malul.

"The heroism of the parents is well intertwined with the month of Kislev, the feast of light and heroism, and it seems that the heroism of the people of Israel has continued throughout the ages. There was a special joy in the event, and excitement mixed with the longing for Elad of blessed memory,” added the Mayor of Rehovot.

In the Neve Tzuf attack that occurred on in July of 2017, Yossi Salomon, 70, and his children, Chaya, 46, and Elad, 36 were murdered. The rest of the family who were in the home at the time miraculously survived after a neighbor, a fighter in an elite unit, heard the screams and neutralized the terrorist with his personal weapon.

Less than a week after the tragedy, the Salomon family celebrated the brit of a newborn grandson. The baby was named “Ari Yosef”'. His parents, Shmuel and Chen Salomon, invited the people of Israel to share in their joy “so that the Salomon family will be remembered as happy and special family and not as a sad and hurt one."

Shmuel said his son was named "Ari" after his wife's grandfather, and the name was given additional meaning after his father Yosef, his brother Elad and his sister Chaya "fought like lions against the cursed terrorist."