Try to imagine living without a single friend in the world. No one to laugh with. No one to cry with. No one there for you through the struggles of life. Unfortunately, this is a reality for children with special needs around the world. However, in Jerusalem, a unique organization is set to change this condition, with a simple belief: Having a friend is a necessity, and everybody deserves one. Nobody believed Chaim could ever walk. All it took was a friend at his side to make it possible. If it weren’t for Friendship Circle, Chaim wouldn’t have that friend. Life changed - Mission accomplished.

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In today’s world of political chaos and general confusion one thing is clear; where the less fortunate amongst us need help, it is often up to private organisations to provide this help and make sure that the chain remains unbroken. NGOs are set up with stringent rules, as set up by the government, but which are the responsibility of the directors to uphold. This determines the continuity and strength of the organisation from within..

Since NGOs, by definition, are not allowed to earn money, they are obliged to request funds from supporters and the general public and are dependent on their generosity. We know that this is a heavy responsibility for many in the Jewish world, yet at the same time, that is the fundamental principle of charity (Tzeddakah). With a stalemate in government, many such organisations are not receiving the official budgets promised to them, however, “the show must go on"

Friendship Circle is one such organisation that depends on its yearly fundraiser to replenish the budget which fuels the enterprise. This allows them to continue the wide range of activities and kindnesses that are an intrinsic part of their ‘raison d’etre’. One of the most important things for all children and, in particular, for special children, is the feeling of stability. The volunteers are trained so that, no matter what, they share their friendship through thick and thin, without outside consideration. It is the generosity of the public and our loyal supporters that feeds and sustains Friendship Circle and which allows that special bond between child and volunteer to continue uninterrupted..

Donate now to support the activities of Friendship Circle Jerusalem , the campaign ends tomorrow. It takes only a minute and every Shekel is doubled.

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