Haim Ramon
Haim RamonOri Luntz, Flash 90

Former Minister Haim Ramon sharply criticized the center-left Blue and White party, saying its leaders acted like amateurs and the proof of it is that they failed to replace IsraelI Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

In an interview with Channel 13, Ramon described the behavior of Blue and White's four leaders, where each is trying to pull the party in a different direction and each busies himself with announcing who he will not sit with.

According to him, Blue and White presented amateurism when faced with Netanyahu's professionalism.

"They have a cockpit and they placed at its head someone who lacks the ability to make decisions, and all the other three are each pulling in a different direction, with one of them, Yair Lapid, who was also determined to hold elections. He wants elections because his dream to be what he thought he was meant to be - prime minister - was buried," Ramon explained.

"Everyone is allowed to dream, even if his dream is outrageous," he added.

"This is really amateurism. Netanyahu said he's willing to serve half a year, which he'll have in any case. They should say they agree but they want it in writing and under certain conditions. There are people there who rule out sitting with the Arabs, who rule out sitting with the haredim, who rule out sitting with the Likud led by Netanyahu. This isn't a political movement. It's year one of Scouts, and I'm really apologize to the Scouts, because they're a great movement, but they're amateurs.

"One person says he won't sit a minute with Netanyahu, another says he's corrupt even though the law allows him to continue in his position. That one has no problem sitting with others who the public also sees as corrupt. The third person is fighting them but not with all his strength. That's how it happens that we end up going to new elections and the Blue and White movement, which failed twice, needs to separate. Lapid will run alone, Moshe [Ya'lon] will run alone, and [Benny] Gantz and Gabi [Ashkenazi] will run alone and maybe they'll run together and put Gabi at the head. Maybe he'll succeed."