Rafi Levengrond
Rafi LevengrondArutz Sheva

Bereaved parents of two Israelis murdered in a terror attack in Samaria met with a delegation of 25 lawmakers from around the world Sunday, near the scene of the deadly attack.

Last October, 28-year-old Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, from Rosh Ha'ayin, 35-year-old Ziv Hajbi of Rishon Letzion were murdered by an Arab terrorist in a shooting attack inside the industrial zone in Barkan in Samaria.

On Monday, Iris Hajbi, Ziv’s mother, and Rafi Levengrond, Kim’s father, joined a delegation of 25 MPs from around the world in a visit to the Barkan industrial zone.

The visit was organized as part of the trip organized by the Israel Allies Foundation for the 25 pro-Israel MPs to the Jewish state.

During the meeting, Iris Hajbi accused the European Union of giving financial support to terrorists, and demanded an end of what she called “the European Union’s funding of terrorists”.

“I came here to support lawmakers who back Israel,” said Hajbi. “They should help us with the European Union with this matter – the fact that they give money; they give the terrorist and their families money and legal advice. This cannot continue. Terrorism will continue, and it is ‘worth it’ for terrorists to murder Jews because they get money from the European Union.”

“I’m speaking on behalf of many other families who lost loved ones to terrorism who want to fight this and to influence the European Union to stop giving the money.”

Rafi Levengrond, father of Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, said money given by the European Union to fund Arab appeals and legal challenges in the Israeli court system encouraged terrorists.

“The European Union is giving money to the Palestinians to pay for lawyers and appeals to the Supreme Court. That just causes Palestinians to want to murder Jews, instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to work together in cooperation and coexistence. In my opinion, we should check if perhaps the European Union is also paying our judges and prosecutors, because the punishments they’re handing down are a joke, a total embarrassment.”

The European Union responded to the claims in a statement to Arutz Sheva, calling the allegations the EU funds terrorism “untrue and unacceptable.”

“The EU stands strong against terror wherever it occurs. We condemn terror attacks against Israeli citizens. Allegations that the EU is directly or indirectly supporting terrorists are untrue and unacceptable.”

“The EU will continue to raise its concerns regarding the nature of the Palestinian system of payments to detainees and families of so-called ‘martyrs’. We expect genuine commitment from both sides towards a peaceful and negotiated two-state solution including the need to oppose incitement.”

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