Hamas in Gaza
Hamas in Gaza Reuters

Hamas's propaganda department reported that in the month of November, 570 "combat operations" took place against Israel in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem, in which 14 Israelis were wounded.

Of these, 401 (71%) were classified as clashes, and 41 (7.25%) as various combat operations involving stabbing, throwing or dumping explosives or bottles at IDF vehicles and positions.

According to the report, one stabbing and seven acts of secreting and throwing explosives at IDF and settler vehicles were carried out in November, as well as 33 firebombings or launching firebombs at Israeli targets.

Most of the activity was carried out in Hevron (132), Jerusalem (103) and Ramallah (83), accounting for 56% of all November operations.

At the same time, Hamas spokesman Abu Ubeida is calling on Israel to take responsibility for harming the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa mosque, warning that Israeli actions permitting Jewish visits to the site and restricting Palestinian Authority Arabs' activity are tantamount to pouring oil on the fire and causing an explosion.

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