Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Wednesday with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Lisbon.

At the start of the meeting, Netanyahu told Pompeo, "The first subject that I will raise is Iran. The second subject is Iran, and so is the third. And many more.

"We have been fortunate as President Trump has led a consistent policy of exerting pressure on Iran. Iran is increasing its aggression in the region as we speak, even today, in the region. They are trying to have staging grounds against us and the region from Iran itself, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen and we are actively engaged in countering that aggression," he added.

"The Israeli-American cooperation is key to that effort, that I think serves the purposes of many, many countries in the region. That will be the first subject that I will raise, including the ability to strengthen even further our mutual defenses.

The prime minister also referred to Secretary Pompeo's declaration that the US does not view Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria to be illegal.

"I am very grateful to you Mr. Secretary, for the statement by the State Department that the settlements are not illegal. I think, contrary to every common spin, that actually promotes the cause of peace, because peace must be based on truth and not on lies.

"We are committed to promoting security prosperity, and peace in the region. I believe this conversation on these and many other subjects will do exactly that," Netanyahu concluded.