CashGold KaratBars

CashGold is a major part of the vision held by Karatbars founder Harald Seiz. It looks like regular currency. However, CashGold notes are different in that they contain a small amount of 24 carat gold.

This is a similar premise to that behind Karatbars which are small bars of gold embedded in cards. CashGold is part of the overall vision of Karatbars International, to create a currency as a means of payment that is more stable than others because they are linked with gold.

Why is CashGold a good idea?

The founder of Karatbars, Harald Seiz, has stated that the idea of traditional investing in stocks is outdated. He believes that the safest form of investment is gold. This is why his aim is to create a currency and payment system that can be used globally and are linked with real gold.

CashGold is part of this vision. As its name tells you, CashGold is cash and gold combined. It provides people with the opportunity to own a small amount of gold that can be used to carry out transactions.

CashGold is not the only innovation of Harald Seiz and Karatbars International. They have also created the KaratGold Coin (KCB) cryptocurrency.

The appearance of CashGold

In appearance, CashGold is similar to normal cash. The difference is that CashGold contains a small amount of 24 carat gold. The tiny bars of gold are available in different weights; 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6 grams. This is similar to Karatbars which also have small amounts of gold embedded in them. Both of these products allow people to own small amounts of gold that are easy to store.

CashGold as a secure asset

Karatbars International has made sure that its innovative CashGold product is as secure as possible. The company has done this by adding 14 different security features to the note. Owners of CashGold also have the ability to check that the gold contained in their notes is authentic.

Spending CashGold

While it's not possible to simply walk into a store and spend CashGold like any other note, it is possible to buy items and services with this financial product. However, you do need to find the right place to do this.

The places where you can spend CashGold are called K-Exchange Centers. Any business across the world can set up a K-Exchange Center. This can be done by providing either a physical or online place for CashGold to be exchanged for products or services.

Using a CashGold CEM (CashGold Exchange Machine)

Traditional ATM machines cannot be used to obtain CashGold. However, Karatbars International has produced special CEMs that can be used by people who want to obtain CashGold.

Anyone who wants to use one of these CEMs has to produce a QR code, using their account. They then need to take the code to a local CEM and scan it. Doing this enables an individual to exchange KBC for CashGold. At the moment they can obtain up to 1g of CashGold per day.

CashGold is a relatively new product, and CEMs are still being rolled out globally. However, it's a positive step on the way to achieving the overall vision of Karatbars founder Harald Seiz; to create a worldwide currency and payment system that are linked with real gold.