The famous 'Gay Lions of Ramallah'
The famous 'Gay Lions of Ramallah'iStock

Israeli citizen Arab men and women on their way for medical treatment in Ramallah yesterday were violently attacked by Arabs for their same-sex attraction proclivities.

They were on their way to the city of Ramallah to undergo medical treatment, due to the fact that the cost of treatment there is cheaper.

Mira, a biological woman who was attacked, told Kann Reshet Bet: "I'm still traumatized by everything I went through. They addressed me in feminine gender and beat me up."

Mira and others in her group fled toward Qalandiya Checkpoint: "I screamed with all my might: 'I'm Israeli, I'm Israeli, I was attacked.' They pointed their guns at me but when they heard that I was shouting in Hebrew they lowered them."

The woman, who is of Bedouin extraction and who lives in Tel Aviv, will not return to the Palestinian Authority after the incident: "They destroyed my life. There's no security and nothing in the PA, we won't return there. Tel Aviv is our country, we have protection and power, we have each other, that's the most important thing."

A complaint was filed with the Jerusalem District Police about the incident, but it is still unclear which unit will investigate the case.