Glick on Temple Mount
Glick on Temple Mount Avraham Bloch, Temple Organizations head

The Palestinian Authority official news agency Wafa reports that "extreme settler Yehuda Glick" led a new "break-in" to what they termed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound (the Temple Mount), accompanied by dozens of "settlers".

According to the report, former Likud MK Glick entered the compound from the direction of the Mughrabi Gate, he and his companions conducted "provocative tours" of the site, and then they left via Sharsheret Gate.

The Palestinian Authority does not recognize the Jewish People's religious and historical affiliation to Jerusalem, and claims the Temple upon which their mosque was built never existed.

The religion of Islam appropriated all of Judaism's founders and prophets including Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and according to Islamic myth they were all Muslims, but the Israelites mentioned in the Torah and the Qur'an actually were offered the gospel of Islam, but rejected it.

In the Islamic faith, Jesus was neither Jew nor Christian but a Muslim who also bore the gospel of Islam.