Haredi teens graduate MDA course
Haredi teens graduate MDA courseMDA spokesperson

The first youth volunteer course of its kind was recently completed at Yavniel MDA station.

Fifteen teenagers aged 15-16 from Yavniel, all members of the haredi sector, devoted their time and participated in a Magen David Adom course, during which they were trained to provide first aid and learned about MDA.

The 15 youth volunteers successfully completed the course, and have joined MDA's teams in the Yarden Region where they do shifts as Emergency Medical Responders.

The course is a landmark in the process of incorporating the youth of the haredi sector in Israel's National Emergency Medical and Blood Services Organization. MDA is working in conjunction with the yeshiva who has provided their full support to their students volunteering.

One of the graduates of the course is Eliezer Shlomo Yehoshua, 16, a resident of Yavniel. "From a very young age, my dream was to volunteer at Magen David Adom," Eliezer said.

"I was afraid to go through a regular youth volunteer course, and I was so pleased when the course was opened for members of the haredi sector in Yavniel. Providing medical care to sick and injured people and saving lives is a great privilege, and I am happy to do that. "I hope with the help of God to be an EMT and ambulance driver when I reach the age of 18, and to have the privilege to help as many people as possible. I thank the instructors and the volunteers’ manager who supported me and the rest of the course’s trainees for going with us hand in hand throughout the process."

"The beginning of the process of integrating volunteers from the haredi sector in Yavniel began years ago, with the support of the late Rebbe Eliezer Shlomo Shik, the leader of the Breslov Hasidim, who recognized the importance of saving lives in the fame of Israel's national rescue organization, Magen David Adom," said Avi Ben Hamu, the Yavniel Hatzalah Organization and the director of the MDA station in the city " upon the successful completion of the course and the volunteering of the youth from Yavniel, we mark a peak in integrating the ultra-Orthodox sector with Magen David Adom. I wish the graduates a great success. "

MDA Director General Eli Bin: "Magen David Adom, as Israel's National Emergency Medical and Blood Services Organization, opens its doors to every citizen in the State of Israel who wants to contribute and work for saving human lives. We work hard to enable every member of the community, sector or religion, to join Magen David Adom and help shorten the time of arrival for patients in their area of ​​residence, where the value of saving lives is above all. "