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A new survey by the Knesset's Research and Information Center showed worrisome facts regarding the lack of security felt by residents of Israel's north and south.

The survey, published Tuesday in honor of a Knesset conference on "Focus on the Periphery," showed that 40% of residents of Israel's north and south do not feel safe, and 31% of northern residents and 28% of southern residents are considering leaving.

A full 42% of residents of southern Israel do not have a "safe room" in their home, and one out of every seven lacks access to either a safe room or a nearby public bomb shelter. In the Arab sector, one out of every four residents does not have access to a safe room or bomb shelter.

The statistics are based on a survey which included 1,400 residents of Israel's north and south. All of the participants are over age 25 and they form a representative sample of the population in those areas, including with regards to the ratio of Jews and Arabs in the areas in question.

Participants living in southern Israel live in the area from Ashdod to Eilat, while those living in the north live in the area between Akko (Acre), Afula, and Beit She'an to the area of Metula.