Hananel Dorani
Hananel DoraniHillel Maeir/TPS

Hananel Dorani, head of the Kedumim Local Council, on Monday evening expressed support for MK Gideon Sa’ar as leader of the Likud should the party hold primaries for the leadership, becoming the first leader from Judea and Samaria to do so.

“We are in a complex time period in which there is no permanent government in Israel and will probably not escape a third election campaign. This is an unreasonable reality. They’ve already said it before me – ‘complete chaos,’” said Dorani.

“Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, a man with rare abilities who has transformed our small state into a rising global power, has brought it to great achievements in the fields of economics and security, and has stabilized its international position to a place where we have never been. Leaders from many countries look up to us with admiration.”

“It is clear to me that had Netanyahu not been Prime Minister during the eight years of the Obama administration, we would have been in the process of withdrawing from the settlement enterprise today, and certainly not in a position where we are discussing sovereignty. Not everyone appreciates this, but only the stubborn, responsible and courageous leadership of the Prime Minister maintained the settlement enterprise in the face of a hostile administration that viewed us as a foreigner in our country.”

“I hope that Binyamin Netanyahu is successful in establishing a narrow or broad right-wing government and heads it in the time that is left, but as things stand now, the situation is not about to change and we are facing a third election campaign at the end of which, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, we will see the right bloc shrink and move further away from the 61 seats, while the left may increase its power.”

“With all the great love and appreciation for our excellent Prime Minister, if we want to survive, we should not get to the point where the national camp will lose power to the left. Is it necessary to mention that even though 25 years have passed since Oslo, we are still licking our wounds?!”

“That is why I believe that in the event of another election round, primaries for the leadership of the Likud movement must be held quickly and that a leader who will succeed in establishing a government that will continue to maintain and advance the vital interests of our state should be elected.”

“In such a contest, I will support MK Gideon Sa'ar.”

“Gideon is a faithful man, was an excellent Interior Minister and excellent Education Minister, a true friend and leader who was endeavored with public courage and who fights for his positions and the values ​​he believes in and advocates. This was the case in the days of Ariel Sharon when he consistently opposed the Disengagement, and the same is true is today. Gideon Sa'ar is the man who can form a government and save the rule of the national camp,” concluded Dorani.