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MK Miki Zohar (Likud) spoke to Anat Davidov of 103FM Monday about the inditcments against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the likelihood that Israel will hold a third round of elections in under a year.

"I don't think there's anything we can do now [to prevent new elections] and I think we should all come together next week for elections," Zohar said. "Right now, I don't see a breakthrough with Blue and White happening, and I propose that we not waste energy on people who would disqualify us from the start. Liberman has certain requirements regarding religion and state. If he agrees to compromise on some and the haredim agree to compromise, we can form a government."

The Democratic Institute's latest poll shows that 43% think the person responsible for the failure to form a government is the prime minister while you blame Yair Lapid.All the polls show the same trend that the public believes the blame for the failure lies with the prime minister.

"I would like to guess that the percentages you specify belong to the population that belongs to the left and some of the Arab sector. I have not seen in any poll that shows that someone who voted for Likud in the previous elections will leave us this time."

That's Netanyahu's hope, that's why he wants elections.

"What do you propose to do? Bow your head and give power to the left? We disagree."

Is there a committee which will convene to discuss the prime minister's request for immunity?

"I did not see the prime minister asking for immunity for now."

What about the witness list in the indictment?

"It shows that the prime minister's trial will take between eight and ten years. The prime minister's attorneys could demand that everything be investigated. "

Will the prime minister continue to hold office if he is re-elected?

"I refer you to the Basic Law which states that a prime minister can continue to serve even after conviction and a final judgment."

And is he able to do that?To sit in court in the morning and in the evening attend a Cabinet debate on Iran?

"Our prime minister is working at 200%. I hope that the prime minister requests immunity and that the Cabinet approves it."

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